Article Series

Making Your Marriage Work without Making Work of Your Marriage

This series is to encourage those who are over worked and under satisfied in their relationship, to reconsider that just maybe a successful marriage is possible. There is hope for reviving the relationship that once excited, invigorated, and enlivened both of you.

Fear of Being Vulnerable

Granted, for many it is present in such a small dose that it is practically undetectable and not much of an issue at all.  Nonetheless, for reasons I will suggest here, we all struggle with a fear of intimacy to some degree and at various times in our lives.

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“In spite of our determination to avoid repeating the mistakes our parents made with us, we may still be influenced by them.”

“If you want to see changes in the other person, start by looking at your own behaviors and the possibility that yours are actually perpetuating what you dislike in the other. ”

“Holding a grudge when our kids have disappointed us sends the message that our love and acceptance are both conditional and that they must somehow earn back the privilege of being loved again by us.”