Parenting with an Attitude

21 Questions Successful Parents Ask Themselves
Written by Ed Wimberly, PhD

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Most parents these days are looking for answers to the questions they have that they believe will help them in their efforts to be successful parents. Too often however, they are unable to find helpful answers because they are asking the wrong questions.

Rather than some of the more common questions like, “Where have we gone wrong?”, “Why won’t Jason ever listen?”, “Why do they seem to prefer being at someone else’s house?”, Parenting with an Attitude focuses on 21 of the more important questions to ask ourselves if it is our desire to make improvements in our parenting efforts. Asking the right questions helps to fine-tune our parenting attitudes and in doing so, helps ensure that we raise healthy and responsible kids who grow up to be well-adjusted adults.

Parenting with an Attitude is different than most books written on parenting today. What sets it apart is that it focuses more on our efforts and attitudes as parents to our kids and what we can do differently, rather than on the attitude of our kids and how we can somehow extract changes from them. As our attitudes improve, we will see the changes we desire in them.

To help you in this process, I have included at the end of each chapter several discussion questions for you to consider.


Question 1: What do my kids hear me say about them?

Question 2: Do I respect my kids?

Question 3: Do I use guilt to get my kids to do what I want?

Question 4: Do my own guilt feelings affect how I parent?

Question 5: Do I make some of the same mistakes with my kids

that my parents made with me?

Question 6: Do I encourage my kids to develop an independent


Question 7: Do I excessively protect my kids?

Question 8: Am I available to my kids?

Question 9: Do I focus more on my kids’ positive or negative


Question 10: Do I hold grudges?

Question 11: Am I able to say, “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

Question 12: Am I physical with my kids?

Question 13: Are my kids able to laugh at themselves?

Question 14: Do I teach my kids that it is ok to have their feelings,

regardless of what those feelings are?

Question 15: Do I encourage my kids to help?

Question 16: Do my kids know they really matter?

Question 17: Do I listen to my kids?

Question 18: Do I allow my kids as many choices as possible?

Question 19: Do I establish appropriate guidelines in which my kids

may freely and safely function?

Question 20: When my kids disappoint me, do I require that they

earn back my love and acceptance?

Question 21: Do I recognize that it is normal for my kids to challenge

my authority?

“This is a ‘wow’ book–a very, very, very good book that all parents should read. If you want to help your kids, read this fabulous book by Dr. Ed Wimberly.”

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Radio talk show host & best selling author
“As the father of a seven-year-old boy, I have found Dr. Wimberly’s advice very helpful. His approach has allowed me to view my role as a parent in a new, enlightened way. Good stuff!”

V. Katch, Professor of Pediatrics, U. of Michigan
“If ever there were a blueprint for raising great kids, this book is it.”

G. Howard, Washington, DC
“I had no idea that changing just a few of my behaviors as a par­ent could make such a positive difference in the lives of my children until I applied Dr. Wimberly’s ideas on parenting.”

G. C. Ross, Colorado
“Reading Dr. Wimberly’s book on raising great kids taught me that being a parent doesn’t have to be as difficult as I once thought. Lots of times, it’s even fun and enjoyable!”

J. Wilson, Williamsburg, VA
“This book should be on every parent’s must-read list. Dr. Wimberly’s approach to practical guidelines provides a good read and practical ideas for any parent.”

J. Morgan, El Montecito Early School, CA
“I have applied Dr. Wimberly’s principles of raising great and healthy kids and have found that they really do work.”

B. Horning, Florida
“I have read and now use Parenting with an Attitude … in my par­enting class and have found it to be a catalyst for fruitful discussion.”

R. Roberts, therapist and educator

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